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BDP has a proven record of successful completion of the design and/or construction support of steam tracing installations on several large scale projects such as Petro-Canadaís SIG/SIG-MOD, EDDP, and RCP

BDPís objective is to provide timely and cost effective Steam Tracing design and installation services while maintaining the world class quality as proven on the previous projects. Our goal is to become and stay a second to none Canadian company specialized in Steam Tracing.

BDP has developed an expertise in managing and producing the following key steam tracing design deliverables as part of the overall piping design and engineering project scope:

  • Creation of Manifold Location Drawings.
  • An update of P & IDís as required due to the changes on Manifold Location drawings.
  • Review and cross check LDTís and P & IDís.
  • Red-line and drafting ST isos for module piping.
  • Red-line regular isometrics and creation of Tracing Circuit Log.
  • Creation of Progress report spread-sheets.
  • Drafting of Steam Tracing Iso and Manifold Installation drawings.
  • Manifold Fabrication Drawings.
  • Final P&ID check and tracing design due to late field design modifications or due to the changes requested by the client.
  • Equipment Steam Tracing design.
  • Steam Tracing BOM.

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